Capacity Development

CSOs Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening Initiative

UNDP, in close collaboration with UNAIDS and the UN Joint Team, developed a 3-year HIV and Health CSO Strategic Priorities Action Plan 2018-2020 for Zimbabwe. The plan has been a critical element of on-going efforts to strengthen CSOs and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to contribute to meaningfully to the achievement of Agenda 90-90-90 and other emerging public health issues. Implementation of the Health and HIV CSO Strategic Priorities Action Plan is meant to enhance coordination and the direction of CSOs in Zimbabwe. The plan has clear strategic areas of focus and it aims to help CSO groups to refocus their engagement along the national development agenda, while repositioning themselves as a strong partner with government and other relevant stakeholders. To date the process has yielded three critical outputs namely the CSO Charter, Engagement Framework and the Database/HUB. Pursuant to the finalization of these three outputs, Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN) endorsed by the CSO community working on the Agenda 90-90-90 and other emerging public health issues in Zimbabwe as the official CSO community national coordinator.