To ensure all programs are sustainable and scalable, we will continue to build strong partnerships with the government, local CSOs and partner organizations. Our programs will support mainstream national efforts based on the UNAIDS Fast Track Targets, the Investment Framework, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ZNASP and TB Strategy.

ZAN will work through its membership to scale up HIV/AIDS, TB, Sexual Reproductive Health interventions based on the communities’ demonstration of commitment and readiness to partner with us to implement and institutionalize the projects. ZAN Secretariat will seek to work directly with local member organizations of ZAN and other CSOs who work with communities to execute the key elements of the network’s programs, knowing that active advocacy and community engagement is critical for sustainability.

A key element of our work has always been measuring and communicating the results of our programs, and as a results-focused network, we will measure our impact based on a specific theory of change framework. ZAN will seek to achieve outcomes that demonstrate the impact that the programs have on CSOs, Systems Strengthening, Enabling Legal and Policy Environment and Key Populations (KPs).

ZAN also recognizes the need to create a knowledge hub to consolidate data and documentation of results of CSOs interventions. This will require working internally, through our programs and with partners.