Zimbabwe AIDS Network`s strength lies in numbers and diversity of membership, differently niched members who have sustainable regular interface with the communities. The coordinated members therefore provide a platform for which national results can easily be achieved with impact. The other pillars mainly capacity building, research and monitoring and evaluation ensures the much desired capacity for results. Advocacy issues are dealt with at every layer with only those for the next layer cascading upwards, from community to national level. The utilization of media interns in chapters ensures ZAN has antenna for the raw advocacy issues which are refined with evidence as issues grow bigger , the reason why at national level we have a development worker that boasts of years of experience as an advocate. So at the lower levels ZAN members bring and work on advocacy issues with the guidance of the regional coordinator and those that cannot be dealt with by the members will go to regional level, dealt with and those not solved will filter to National level. All other national advocacy issues such as the low paediatric ART coverage, the low national health budget (still below the Abuja Declaration), the freeze in human resource for health and all national civic issues will be pursued with the relevant authorities to ensure change.

members sitting in Conference
Methodology|ZAN board members in a conference coming up with
strategies on how they can interface with the community. 


Zimbabwe AIDS Network is positioned as the network organisation of Civil Society and Community based Organisations in Zimbabwe to coordinate the sectors activities. ZAN has been coordinating ASOs for a long time and has developed competencies in bringing actors in the HIV/AIDS sector in Zimbabwe together. In order to address the challenges being faced by member organisations and their beneficiaries a strong coordination system is required to be in place and this is where ZAN comes in as the recognised representative body of ASOs in Zimbabwe. ZAN has already been responsible in getting ASOs in Zimbabwe to develop a common position on issues around the New Global Fund Model. Zimbabwe AIDS Network is positioned to coordinate civil society engagements with different processes and events in the country, region and internationally on HIV/AIDS issues including the Health Transition Fund, Global Fund, US Government Country Operation Plan, National Budget processes and others

Coordination | people in a meeting coordinating  the sectors activity.

Information Sharing and Networking

Information sharing and networking remains a critical function of Zimbabwe AIDS Network. ZAN has an information platform which allows for the sharing of information and resources amongst the membership. Zimbabwe AIDS Network regularly sends out information on best practices as well as partnership and funding opportunities that can benefit the membership.

Information Sharing and Networking | Information sharing and
networking remains a critical function of Zimbabwe Aids Network. 


ZAN has developed a nation-wide structure that is positioned to capture advocacy issues of members and communities in Zimbabwe. Advocacy issues are identified from the Chapter level up to the regional and national level. This ensures the operating environment of ZAN members is conducive for their operations ensuring better programmes for beneficiaries and a positive investment for funding partners. ZAN being the network organisation for ASOs will utilise its coordinating capabilities in advancing HIV/AIDS issues in the country, region and internationally. Zimbabwe AIDS Network acts as the watchdog for ASOs in Zimbabwe in ensuring that the government and other actors comply with agreed domestic, regional and international instruments including the Abuja Declaration on HIV/AIDS funding, the Maputo Declaration, The UNGASS Declaration and the High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS Declaration. Zimbabwe AIDS Network will build the capacity of members to monitor and hold accountable actors within their regions. The Zimbabwe AIDS Network was instrumental in the development of a Civil Society Charter on priorities for the New Funding Model of the Global Fund. The Charter highlights key recommendations from AIDS Service Organisations in Zimbabwe. Future efforts of ZAN involve ensuring that priorities captured in the Charter are used in further engagements with different stakeholders including the Zimbabwean government, US government and others. ZAN members thus need to be fully conversant on the Priorities Charter. ZAN advocacy efforts and operations are guided by human rights principles agreed locally and internationally ensuring the rights, health and dignity of the people of Zimbabwe.

Advocacy | ZAN having  a public support for the AIDS policy.

Capacity Building

ZAN will institute capacity building initiatives for its membership in the different regions of Zimbabwe. This will be done in a South-South format which entails members with different capacities assisting each other in areas of need. Technical Support Officers within each region support the member organisations in the capacity building efforts. Currently ZAN is piloting a South-South Capacity Building initiative in one region and lessons learnt from this will be documented and the model expanded. The model is effective as it is very cost effective and allows for improved quality of programming thus ensuring value for money for donor and stakeholder support of programmes run by ZAN membership. Apart from operational areas which might require capacity building, ZAN will also address deficiencies in integrating of key issues in members programmes. These issues relate to marginalised groups in programming that include People Living with Disabilities and key populations. Capacity will also be built in implementing ASRH and Maternal and Child Health Programmes

Capacity Building | ZAN instituting capacity building initiatives for its