CSOs Monthly Directors’ Forum and Incubation Hub

This is a platform envisioned by to establish and operationalize Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) to support diverse research work on health issues including Non and Communicable Diseases, HIV/ AIDS and SRHR in Zimbabwe and gradually expand into the region. This means the organization is becoming a policy reference point for the government and development partners, defined through a clear consultative status. The RAU shall be used to mobilize and second technical expertise to support policy review and development for the government. In addition, the RAU shall export our technical expertise into the region on designing and developing high impact social accountability programmes. With regards to the setting up and operating the Social Accountability and Knowledge Management Centre (SAKMC), we envision to become the repository of knowledge on Health, HIV/TB and SRHR. The SAKMC is integral to CSOs capacity to demonstrate its collective impact in the areas of HIV/AIDS and SRHR.