Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A society in which communities prevent and manage HIV, TB, and other Non-Communicable Diseases ensuring equity and quality in health services.

Our Mission

To contribute to resilient and sustainable health systems, which foster universal health care, through an inclusive, credible, and representative national network of HIV, Health, and SRHR programming organizations operating at all levels.

Our Objectives

  • Strengthen organizational development;
  • Mobilize and manage resources for the secretariat and the membership;
  • Strengthen network membership competences in programming and leadership;
  • Enhance networking and coordination of members and civil society;
  • Promote information exchange and communication among network members;
  • Identify and pursue cutting edge advocacy issues through collaboration among the members, secretariat and other stakeholders;
  • Ensure knowledge management;
  • Representative of all Health, HIV/AIDS and TB and SRHR service organizations;

Our Core Values


We affirm our commitment to being accountable for the fulfillment of our duties and professional obligations associated with our network.


We embrace the promotion of openness, honesty, and responsibility, adherence to good governance practices by all members.


We commit to being honest, consistent and upright, in everything we do in name of the network.


We value representation of our member's needs irrespective of their status, size, gender, or religious affiliations.