Civil Society Coordination Platform on Health, HIV/ AIDS and SRHR

Our Region & Chapters

The whole area of Zimbabwe shall be divided into ten (10) Chapters. These chapters shall be divided into 3 administrative regions as follows:

  1. Region 1 (Harare, Mash West and Central)
  2. Region 2 (Midlands, Bulawayo, Mat South and North)
  3. Region 3 (Manicaland, Masvingo and Mash East)

In order for ZAN to achieve the intended goal of a well-coordinated CSO Health and HIV sector, there is need to invest in the decentralized structures to consolidate and strengthen their coordinative capacities. In fact, there is a huge potential that lies ahead if the decentralization initiative is put to its logical end. The chapters will act as platforms to render solidarity, coordination, technical support and backstopping, information, representation and networking opportunities to civil society. ZAN is therefore decentralised into ten chapter across all ten administrative provinces in Zimbabwe. The chapters are governed by the Chapter Executive Committees drawn from the members in the chapters and the committee is selected by voting at chapter level.