Civil Society Coordination Platform on Health, HIV/ AIDS and SRHR


ZAN implements a community powered response strategy which is centred on transforming the membership for meaningful contribution to healthy communities at both community and policy level. We aimed at capacitating and institutionalising our members for them to become more responsive to health in a broader perspective.


ZAN is peerless in the arena of coordination. We have evolved new approaches to coordination, drawing lessons from our rich history of organizing CSOs during the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Our success in coordination is based on the fusion of geographic decentralization and segmentation of membership into thematic sectors.

Capacity Building

At ZAN we recognize the need to continually invest in capacity building for the network staff and membership to efficiently deliver on our mandates of servicing local communities. To this end, our capacity strengthening approach places emphasis on enhancing programming and leadership capacities, delivered through emerging innovations and strategic partnerships.

Research and Knowledge Management

Research and Knowledge management is the pulse of our networking work at ZAN. We have evolved our approach to ensure ZAN is the knowledge and networking HUB for CSOs. The uniqueness of our networking approach is that it involves members from the grassroots levels and at the same time promotes a culture of research within the network members, so as to ensure that responses are evidence based. Networking for ZAN has also come to mean strengthening synergies and linkages with other resource systems at regional and global levels.

Advocacy and Communication

Advocacy is our nature, it gives ZAN its distinct identity. We believe in high level and high impact advocacy in all matters of health, at all levels, which yields positive health outcomes for local communities. The advocacy thrust at ZAN is driven and informed by the grassroots movement, supported by our decentralized national structure. At ZAN, we value strategic communication and our approach is to demonstrate the collective impact of our members. In doing this, ZAN combines both traditional and digital tools which are easily accessible and available.